Monday, March 15, 2010

faith of a child; II

Christ once said; "with the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains." Now a mustard seed is a small seed, a very small seed!

And somewhere else he also said "be like children,” little children.

What was he trying to say?

When he used the words little children and mustard seed, was he simply telling us not to be complex; was he saying that we don't really need some big, mighty philosophy to achieve anything great? Was he saying that rather than being complex adults, who believe we require something big; something hard, all we really need is just to be simple, as simple as children, little children?

Children who KNOW and are CONVINCED that no matter how hard the situation is Mother would always get them food to eat; no matter how homeless they may seem mother would always find them a place to roost; children who feel it in their bones that their mother would never let them down.

Now their “Mother” is just a woman, a mere mortal.

But you have heard of God Who is Creator of all things seen and unseen, Creator of the stars and galaxies; of the universe. You have heard of God Who has always been; The Alpha and Omega, The beginning and The end, The I am that I am.

Do you know this God? Do you believe in Him? Do you have the faith of a mustard seed? Do you have the faith of little children?

You cannot have this kind of faith if you do not know God.

Now the child was in the womb of its mother for nine months, was suckled by its mother for many months; was carried about in her arms for a long time. Indeed the child had a personal relationship with its mother. It knew its mother. No wonder the child had such faith.

Do you have a personal relationship with God? Do you know Him?

faith of a child; I

A child learning to walk may stumble and fall but doesn’t remain flat on the ground out of fear of falling again, or out of anger that he fell at all, or out of pain that others saw him fall, no.  Instead he gets up again quickly, and while even smiling happily continues on the task at hand. 

He may fall again several times, but gets up again each time, never looking back but always forwards and upwards to the time when he would eventually fulfill his task, always confident that he would soon make it.

And he does make it. Always! Without fail! It is willed by God.

That unshakable confidence that he has; that confidence which makes him to move on fearlessly, in the face of any and many obstacles, has another name…FAITH.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why are we on earth? II

I’ll give you yet another rough picture.
You must have heard the saying that goes like this; “those who live in glass houses do not throw stones.” To be permitted to live in a glass house therefore, you must have trained and thus, developed yourself to the point where you are in complete control and can no longer carelessly throw stones about. And what better place to get you trained than in a wooden house! Now if the wooden house was rough and hard, and also had an elastic property, such that whenever you collided with its walls, or throw something against it, you either got bruised or that that same thing you threw rebounded and hit you, then soon with time, through personal experiencing, you’d learn to move about more carefully; maybe even gracefully and also learn not to throw stones.

On earth you are required to learn through experiencing, about the value of each of your desires or actions, good or bad. That, which you give out, whether just desiring or an actual action, is placed carefully on your bed for you to lie on so that through the experiencing you come to appreciate its value, good or bad.

As you make your bed so you shall lie on it. Put another way, your deeds, i.e. your thoughts, words and actions, shape your destiny.
It is also called “the Law of Sowing and Reaping” and is put like this; “what a man sows, that shall he reap.”

The “making of your bed and lying on it” or the “reaping from where you have sown” should not be seen from the angle of punishment for any error, rather it provides opportunities to learn of the value of your deeds. If good, you enjoy from the returning goodness, if bad however, you suffer from the returning evil. Either way you gain. You gain because through your own experiencing you are able to appreciate the pains and joys you cause others via your deeds. You are thus better placed to change for the better.

Gradually, on the one hand, as you experience goodness more and more, and as you enjoy and bask in it, you would also want to give it to others. That is growth. On the other hand, if as you suffer from any evil, you also begin to hate it, to abhor it and you no longer wish to be part of it, i.e. you no longer have the desire to inflict it on your fellow man, then you have gained a valuable lesson for that particular evil. That again is growth.  Soon you’ll shed off one vice after another and would no longer wish to harm your fellow man in any way. What then follows, if you've really learnt your lesson? You only do that which is good.

But remember what I said earlier.
As you make your bed, so you shall lie on it.”
Also, “What a man sows, that shall he reap.”
And finally, “Your thoughts words and actions shape your destiny.”

Consequently, all that comes your way is one blessing after another. You experience an avalanche of goodness and your joy knows no bounds.

Do you now understand the wisdom of the Son of God when He counseled “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you” and when He also said, “Love thy neighbour as thyself”?
What ever you do for your neighbour, in reality you do for yourself, and even many times over.

Learning these lessons therefore, understanding them and maturing into them, prepares us for another life. A life of bliss for all eternity! One in complete harmony with the Will of God!

If we cannot adjust to such a life, if we must continue to court the darkness until we leave the earth for good, then we would have failed. We would then not be able to make it back home to Eternal bliss in Heaven as matured children of God. Our time on earth would have been completely wasted. More importantly and very sadly too, the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, would have been for nothing.

But we can make it! We can get there. God is with us and He has given us everything we need for the journey in this School called earth.

I urge you not to relent.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Why are we on earth? I

It is believed by many that at death we cease to exist altogether. Some say we came from nothing, and hence, we go back to nothing. Not a small number believe we even came by accident. It is this belief that makes many to live lives of complete recklessness; feeling accountable to no one but themselves.

I am thus obliged in my own small way and from my understanding of it, to give an insight into this big question. Let us take this analogy.

A child is born into a family. At birth it cannot fend for itself; it cannot distinguish between its parents and complete strangers. But as it matures it begins to discern things around it. Soon it’s able to recognize its parents. It learns what is good for eating; learns to creep, walk, and run. It also learns to talk, and eventually begins to write and even solve arithmetic.

Soon, he leaves for boarding school, college or university to learn more. While there he may engage in different kinds of things, such as having his bath, washing his clothes, cleaning his room, eating, taking part in club activities etc. These things are important, no doubt, but are not the main reason for his being in school. While in school he has to learn those things which would also be of value to him when he has left school. Things which would be useful in another life…the life after school! These are the lessons taught in his field of study. If while in school he focuses much of his time on how well his room looks and gives very little or no time to these lessons, he may end up being useless to himself economically later in the life outside school. He therefore needs to put a lot more effort into his studies than on anything else. These other things only help to make life in school more comfortable or enjoyable. They are not the key to his future life. Hence no matter how badly he does them, if he performs very well in his field of study, he would still be assured of a bright future. But if on the other hand he does very well in these other things and performs poorly in his field of study, a better life outside might not be so assured. He would have squandered the time allotted to him for his studies and would therefore have to bear the consequences.

Now, as human spirits, we were not created here, but some place else…Paradise. That is our true home. Here on earth we happen to be in school; a school where we are supposed to learn those things which would be of value to us when we leave the earth and head back home. 

In this school, through gradual development, we should eventually come to the recognition of God; to know and see Him as Creator of all things seen and unseen; as The Almighty God. We should come to know of His Power, and Grace; of His ways, of His Will…and adapt to them

Thus, as students on earth, we should learn to live a life of giving and sharing; a life of love; we should learn to make ourselves one with the Ten Commandments so that ultimately they become one commandment, the commandment of Love; loving God above all things and our neighbour as ourselves.

These are the lessons we take from here. Every other thing we engage in while on earth only helps us to absorb these lessons. Whether it is raising a family, work, social life etc, these things are in themselves of no value if at the same time we cannot through them learn to love each other; if through them we cannot adjust to a life free of envy, jealousy, avarice, greed, selfishness, covetousness, etc; if through them we cannot come to recognize the folly of a sinful life.

Simply put, using our earth life as school, we should learn how to live the heavenly life; a life that recognizes the value of love;

Ultimately therefore, through life on earth, we should come to recognize God…in His Love, Justice and Power.

Without imbibing these lessons, i.e. without knowing God, making ourselves one with His Will and adjusting to the kind of life lived in heaven, we cannot make it back home to eternal bliss in heaven.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Christ is your strength so you can do all things.

Because Christ is your strength, you can do all things. Yes 
anything, as long as it is not in disharmony with the Will of God!
No matter what it is! So long as it is good. And so long as it is not
borne  out of envy or jealousy, or out of spitefulness of another 
being! If you do not wish to oppress others by it; if I do not wish 
to feel like a better or more superior human being to others, then 
you are free to set out boldly, to accomplish any task.

All you need to do is
prepare a plan,
work the plan,
accomplish the goal,
pray, pray, pray.

Offcourse it's easy. All you need is focus, disciplen, strength and
all these you get through Prayer.

Prayer connects you with your creator, the Almighty God. The One
Who cares for the birds of the air and the lilies of the fields; The
One Who gives you life. Why then miss the advantage. Why not
connect? Why not PRAY?

That is why it is said,
"I can do all things in Christ Who strengthens me"

But there is something else you can also do with the strength
given to you by Christ.

You can also Overcome Sin.

You must believe this. If you do not, you cannot achieve it.
Its in your hands.