Monday, March 15, 2010

faith of a child; II

Christ once said; "with the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains." Now a mustard seed is a small seed, a very small seed!

And somewhere else he also said "be like children,” little children.

What was he trying to say?

When he used the words little children and mustard seed, was he simply telling us not to be complex; was he saying that we don't really need some big, mighty philosophy to achieve anything great? Was he saying that rather than being complex adults, who believe we require something big; something hard, all we really need is just to be simple, as simple as children, little children?

Children who KNOW and are CONVINCED that no matter how hard the situation is Mother would always get them food to eat; no matter how homeless they may seem mother would always find them a place to roost; children who feel it in their bones that their mother would never let them down.

Now their “Mother” is just a woman, a mere mortal.

But you have heard of God Who is Creator of all things seen and unseen, Creator of the stars and galaxies; of the universe. You have heard of God Who has always been; The Alpha and Omega, The beginning and The end, The I am that I am.

Do you know this God? Do you believe in Him? Do you have the faith of a mustard seed? Do you have the faith of little children?

You cannot have this kind of faith if you do not know God.

Now the child was in the womb of its mother for nine months, was suckled by its mother for many months; was carried about in her arms for a long time. Indeed the child had a personal relationship with its mother. It knew its mother. No wonder the child had such faith.

Do you have a personal relationship with God? Do you know Him?

faith of a child; I

A child learning to walk may stumble and fall but doesn’t remain flat on the ground out of fear of falling again, or out of anger that he fell at all, or out of pain that others saw him fall, no.  Instead he gets up again quickly, and while even smiling happily continues on the task at hand. 

He may fall again several times, but gets up again each time, never looking back but always forwards and upwards to the time when he would eventually fulfill his task, always confident that he would soon make it.

And he does make it. Always! Without fail! It is willed by God.

That unshakable confidence that he has; that confidence which makes him to move on fearlessly, in the face of any and many obstacles, has another name…FAITH.