Thursday, October 13, 2011

Following the crowd.

Once upon a time the crowd went in one direction and Noah went in a different one. At another point in history Lot followed a certain path and the crowd decided they would go another way. We know their fate.

There is so much activity today, good ones, bad ones, movement forwards and movement backwards, upwards and downwards.

There is love, compassion, caring, sharing; consideration for thy neighbour; and forgiveness,

and there also is lust, avarice, covetousness, hatred for one another, slander, envy, jealousy and gossip.

We tend to go with the band wagon. But is this really in our interest?

Do we say that we are so weak, that we cannot help it, but go with the crowd?
Even when we perceive clearly that the crowd is heading the wrong way?

Or do we use the Power that is so freely available to us from God, to overcome all temptations?

What direction have we decided to follow?
That of the majority or the minority?
That pointing towards damnation in Hell or the bliss of Heaven?

The people of Noah's time had a choice, and so also did those of Lot's time.

You too have a choice.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Departed this Womb.

The baby was happy in the womb. It had been there for some time now and it enjoyed every moment of it. It praised the one who made this possible; the one who gave it nourishment; the one who gave it life!

Then it began to notice changes on itself and on its surroundings. The changes were becoming more pronounced with each passing day. What did this mean? It wondered! Was it going to be made to leave this womb? Was it going to face birth? Fear gripped it. It wouldn't want to leave this place for anything.

It had no idea of the other side. Was there life there? If it was to go to the other side, definitely its life cord would be cut. How then would it still have life?

It was in anguish! The pain was unbearable. Why would it exit this womb just like that? 

It didn't make sense. What was the point in experiencing life in the womb if it was all going to end up in birth?

Life was meaningless he moaned. The baby no longer had the wish to praise the one who had given it nourishment and protection all this while. Maybe there really was no one responsible for its well being! Maybe everything was just chance! Some big accident! There really could be no one. If there was, where was such a one now that it really mattered?

It waited for the hour to come.

And then it did! The baby cried as it arrived, born into the light. It coughed and it gasped for air, but when it finally opened its eyes, it was face to face with the one who had always giving it nourishment and protection.

Oh what a beautiful being...Its Mother.

Life in the womb had a meaning afterall...preparation for a NEW life; a BETTER life!

But so does life on earth also have a meaning.

Why should we be afraid of death?