Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christians or Muslims, who will make Heaven? Neither if...

This question has become imperative at this time because of the battles raging between both groups.  The answer to it lies in having a proper understanding of why we are on earth; it lies in having the True knowledge of the God whom we serve and in knowing His Will.

It is just because of ignorance in these matters that there is so much enmity between members of the different religious groups.

We cannot see God; cannot touch Him, but we can see and interact with our fellow men. In loving God we must also love our neighbour whom we see; we must love all that God has created. There is no other way. It is God’s Will that we create a Paradise out of our temporary home, the earth, and this cannot be achieved with hate, or spite, and definitely not by murder.

Judging from the way the world is presently, one can only conclude thus;


Instead, he has created his own god. A god whom he can manipulate; a god who is satisfied with man so long as he claims to believe in him! A god who needs man to fight for him! A weak god!

However, behind this god created and worshiped by man stands the real Enemy; the one who presented this picture of a weak god to man in the first place; the one who wants his destruction- SATAN the devil.

He fanned our vanities and weaknesses, giving us a picture of a weak and changing god! He said man was created weak and that it was impossible for him to live without sin. Therefore he said, what was important for any man, was to believe in this god, to pray for forgiveness from sins every now and then and most importantly, to draw members to his religious group.

So man was given exactly what he wanted! He was told that he can live the way he likes and still be in the good books of his god, so long as he believes…and he swallowed this lie hook, line and sinker.

Unfortunately this seed was planted in many religious groups. Now man thinks he can eat his cake and have it.

Each religious group believes it is the only one accepted by God and actually looks down on and detests others. There is so much argument and counter argument. So much is quoted from Holy works.

Sadly the main issue of worship is overlooked. Man leaves the very important aspects of his relationship with his Creator and pursues the shadow. He is more interested in the externals-in the claims of being a believer.

He is unable to WALK his TALK. He stubbornly refuses to see that a True relationship with God is manifested in the kind of relationship he has with his fellow men. If he loves God and truly worships Him, he would love his neighbour as himself. And if he loves his neighbour as himself, he would not sin against him. Surely this can’t be so difficult.

But no! He considers it much too hard…and follows the easy way; the devils way, irrespective of his religion; he worships himself; his flesh; and Satan is happy.

Slowly but steadily the master of lies is leading all to Eternal Damnation. Like sheep being led to the slaughter house, man is gradually being guided to his doom.


Man cannot be forced to Hell by the devil. Satan can only lure him. If he succumbs to his enticements and thus walks the road to Hell, it is only because he wants to and not because he is compelled to. Satan knew that if he dangled a juicy enough carrot before man, he would follow him. And so as a master of guile he did just that.

So while the clock ticks away, man continues to trifle away his time.

Eternal bliss in Heaven is locked to all, whether Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist etc, except to those who earnestly seek to understand why they are on earth; who seek to know The Almighty God, to understand His Will and to humbly apply themselves to it.

When a man applies himself sincerely to seeking God, he would find Him. He would find Him because it is the Will of God that he does. He has been given all the helps that he needs. He only needs to start. It has nothing to do with the name of his place of worship. Neither does it have anything to do with the claims that he makes. Wherever he is, if he seeks, he would find.

For God, The Father Almighty has said so.

As for Jesus, there is nothing more to say, He is the Son of God. Whoever is unable to absorb this now may do so later in his life.

If he cannot come to this recognition before his time of schooling is up, he would not make it to Eternal Bliss in Heaven.

May the Lord bless you.