Thursday, October 13, 2011

Following the crowd.

Once upon a time the crowd went in one direction and Noah went in a different one. At another point in history Lot followed a certain path and the crowd decided they would go another way. We know their fate.

There is so much activity today, good ones, bad ones, movement forwards and movement backwards, upwards and downwards.

There is love, compassion, caring, sharing; consideration for thy neighbour; and forgiveness,

and there also is lust, avarice, covetousness, hatred for one another, slander, envy, jealousy and gossip.

We tend to go with the band wagon. But is this really in our interest?

Do we say that we are so weak, that we cannot help it, but go with the crowd?
Even when we perceive clearly that the crowd is heading the wrong way?

Or do we use the Power that is so freely available to us from God, to overcome all temptations?

What direction have we decided to follow?
That of the majority or the minority?
That pointing towards damnation in Hell or the bliss of Heaven?

The people of Noah's time had a choice, and so also did those of Lot's time.

You too have a choice.