Saturday, August 8, 2009

Heaven, Hell and the Herd Mentallity

There is so much doubt about the existence of God and as long
as there is doubt, even the slightest of it, humankind would
never really commit itself to the change that is so necessary.
To man, life is a game of chance. Its all about surviving here and
now on earth. Issues concerning Salvation, The Almighty God, 
Heaven, Paradise and Hell, can be considered some other time,
not now. They are too busy. Only when they are harassed by
misfortune do they bother with such things.

For those who do consider these things however, they're either in
one extreme or the other. If they are not over zealous, then they
are lackadaisical in their approach to the worship of God.

But there is yet another group. These actually go out to propose
that there is no God; that all creation came into existence by
chance. In other words, the sun and all the other stars; the earth
and all the other planets; the galaxies, the mountains, seas and
rivers; the animals, the plants,and all mankind came into existence
by chance.

Sadly enough these are the people that populate the earth today.
Only a very infinitesimal few do not belong to these groups.

Is it therefore surprising that the world is in its present state?
Would you still wonder why there are numerous conflicts and wars,
why there is famine, hunger and disease? Look about you. Can you
not see that with every passing day the condition of the earth

Funny enough amidst this decadence humankind claims to be
making progress. The world is sinking and no one seems to notice.
Man is supposed to be the crown of creation; he is meant to have
brought a paradise on earth by now. But look at what he has
made of his time on earth; the same earth which was given to
him as a gift. To be its Guardian, keeper and Lord.

The custodians of this planet do not see that they have failed
and therefore cannot see where they are headed. They do not
see the gloominess of the present time, and hence cannot see
the doom that awaits, unless....there is change. But will mankind

Human beings are not a herd of cattle. It is an individual battle.
Man should cease going along with one group or the other just
because it is convenient for him to do so. He should not be
bothered about popular opinion when it concerns matters of
salvation but should calmly reflect on everything he sees and
hears. He should ask himself pertinent questions about his
existence, his salvation and his Creator, The Almighty God.

He should do deligent study and if he is sincere in his desire to
find the truth, he will find it. For it is a promise by God that if
you seek you shall find, if you knock, it shall be opened unto
you, and if you ask you shall be given. Man can never be led
astray. He must start now.

The time is short.


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