Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crush the Devil - Can You Achieve This?

Quite a number of Christians sing songs with sentences such as crush the devil; flatten him, destroy him, etc, and you see them stamping their feet hard on the ground as if they are treading on him. They do this with all seriousness.

Though it may seem funny, it isn’t. Do people really think they affect the devil in some way by doing this?

You cannot touch the devil let alone tread on him. The devil is very far away from you. He’s right down in the regions of hell, but can however influence you from there despite the vast distance.

While living on this earth, we have two paths to choose from; that of God and that of the devil. Both paths have their final destinations. For those who don’t know already, the way of the devil leads no where else but to hell and eternal damnation, while the way of God leads back home to bliss in heaven for all eternity.

Now it is the will of the devil to lead as many as possible, if not all of mankind to damnation for all eternity so he draws a blue print and asks us to follow it and sadly, very sadly we do. What then is the use of singing such songs if at the end of the day we still do his bidding.

If you really wish to hurt the devil, you would refuse to do his will, Period. In other words you would not engage in gossip, fornication, adultery etc; you would not be envious or jealous of others. Basking in the power and grace of God, you would strive to overcome all your weaknesses.

It not so difficult to fathom but we prefer to deceive ourselves. We swallow every line of the devil and refuse to see that we are exactly where he wants us to be. Because he wants us to go on sinning he tells us we cannot overcome sin; that God would understand and that His grace through Christ covers us. He tells us that as long as we believe in God, our sins, even those yet sinned, are washed away. He quotes texts from the bible, the same way he did when he confronted the son of God, Jesus on the mountain some 2000 years ago. And so like sheep being led to the slaughter house we are guided straight to Hell by Satan.

You cannot touch the devil. You cannot even see him, but you can refuse to do his will and thus refuse to share in the reward meant for him and all those who freely choose to follow him.

As a child of God, you have access to the power and grace of God.

Use it if you wish to make the devil unhappy.

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