Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jesus, Messiah or Prophet

In answering this question I'll need to define the words, Messiah and Prophet.

A Messiah is a person sent by God into the world to save people from evil, sin and death.

However a Prophet is a person sent by God to teach and give mankind messages from God. Such messages may include events that would happen in the future. A prophet can also be said to be the founder of a religion.

It is clear from both dictionary definitions that Jesus was both Messiah and Prophet.

Jesus was sent by God to teach. He came with a message from God. Hence, just like others before Him such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elijah etc, He was a Prophet of God

However, unlike the others, He was not just any Prophet; He is The Messiah, sent by God to save mankind from evil, sin and death. He is also the Son of God.

His message is the message of Truth because He is the Truth. He came to clarify the messages brought by the others, to tell mankind that the kingdom of peace it seeks is not on this earth. He came to show us the way out of damnation, out of Hell; and He showed us the path we must follow.

His message was simple and clear, but it came at great price; the price of death; death on the cross.

It is therefore hoped that His sacrifice would not be in vain; that His message of salvation would be accepted and the path shown would be followed.

If instead, we continue to live our lives in such a manner that our ultimate end becomes Eternal Damnation, then it would be a complete waste for the Son of God to have come at all, either as Messiah, Prophet or both.

May the Lord continue to give us the strength to do His Will.

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