Friday, August 28, 2009

Can You be a True Christian and still have a swell time on this earth?

Yes you can.
But first, we must understand what being a true christian really 
means. This is important otherwise we'll miss the whole point.

Living a chritian life simply means living that life which is devoid 
of those activities that cause harm to our neighbour. In other 
words, abstaining from those things which are not of benefit to
those with whom we interact.

Definitely, this doesn't mean we cannot go on picnics, neither 
does it suggest that we cannot have parties, or go on outings 
with friends. It doesn't also say we cannot play tennis or listen
to music. Surely  we are allowed to have fun. Off course we are.

But, in having fun, in living life, in pursuing our personal desires,
we should not cause harm to others. This is the Will of God for

And in order to make it easier for us to understand what falls into
the category of "causing harm" to others, we are given the ten 
commandments as a guide. This is in addition to our conscience, 
which is meant to alert us if we are heading in the wrong direction
but which unfortunately, we always fail to heed.

So we are free to have fun, so long as we do not harm our neighbour.

We are to talk, but not to gossip; free to drink, but 
only those drinks that nourish our bodies; free to have sex, but only
with our spouses; free to party, but not half naked or with intent to 
sexually intimidate; free to make money, but not to the detriment
of our neighbour, not by fraud or deceit.

We are free. But are we? Really!

Can we decide to abstain from indiscriminate sex and keep by our decision?

Can we decide not to gossip or tarnish the image of others and 
keep by it? 

Can we decide not to obtain money by hoax from people or steal 
from them, and keep by it?

Can we decide on anything positive at all?

Or is there something that decides long in advance some of the 
evils we must do? Something we seem powerless under; something 

Are we therefore really free?

Those who serve The Almighty God are.
Are you? Where do you stand?
Whom do you serve?


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