Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Must we worship God on Sundays

I was prompted to writing this because of the action of a friend of
mine recently. I noticed on this particular weekend that while he 
indulged in what he clearly perceived was not right before God, 
he at that same moment was making arrangements for worship in 
church on the following sunday. He didn't want to miss church. Not
for anything. And yet he continued in his vice.

Clearly, he has removed the worship of God from his normal daily
activities. To him these are two different things. Thus he can live
the way he likes everyday and then on Sundays, to fulfil his weekly
obligations, he would get dressed and go to church, to worship God.
Now, there are many who think and act like this.

Before going on to discuss whether it is necessary to worship God 
on Sundays, we must first of all understand what the worship of 
God entails.

To worship God means to honour Him; to show respect to Him; to
bow down to Him. But this is not just in body movement or weekly 
church attendance, but rather in the entirety of the activities 
carried out by such a person; in his thoughts, words and actions.

Hence, when there is in man, the endeavor to live in accordance 
with the will of the Almighty God, such a person shows respect 
to his creator. He honours God with his being, in his activities 
and therefore trully worships Him. The worship of God, should 
therefore be done with each passing second.

Sundays, however, are special days set aside by God; days meant 
for Reflection, Worship and Service.

On such days, one rests from normal everyday work and takes 
advantage of such precious moments to reflect on his activities 
of the previous week. For instance, could he sincerely say to 
himself that he was living as a child of God, doing the Will of his 

He attends hours of worship with other fellow believers, where he 
opens up his soul to his Creator, thanking Him for His grace and 
praying for strength to live in harmony with his Will.

And finally, just as in every other day, he continues to serve
God, in his activities; engaging only in those things that are of 
benefit to his neighbour and himself.

In summary, Sunday is indeed a very important day. It is the 
crowning of the week. A day for worship, a day for thanksgiving,

a day for contemplation, a day to receive strength to carry on
through the coming week.

With the strength you continually receive, you should be able to 
adjust you thoughts, words and actions, and thus your will, to
be in harmony with the Will of God. Your life will then be in 
service to God and you worship him in Truth and in Spirit.


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  1. "With the strength you continually receive, you should be able to
    adjust you thoughts, words and actions, and thus your will, to
    be in harmony with the Will of God". That was great