Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just a regular guy who wants to make Heaven


So who is this guy? you may ask.
A preacher, pastor, religious bigot, a die hard fanatic? naa...
Non of these.

I'm just a regular guy who is obsessed with the belief that there
is a Heaven...and wants to get there at all cost.

But who, unfortunately comes loaded with all the faults of man.
Faults, he wondered if he can have, and still make it to Heaven.
He therefore, had to clarify certain issues within himself.

* Are we here by accident?
* Can life just be about living on earth for twenty, forty,maybe
eighty years and thats it. Nothing more?
* Is there really a God?
* Is there a Heaven?
* Can he possess just a little of these faults and still make it to
* Is there an easy way?

After contemplating on these and many other questions for
some time, and eventually carrying out some diligent research,
he came to a conclusion.

That everything indeed lies in his hands. That there is a Heaven
and he can make it there, only  if he treads the path that leads
there. It is in his power to do so, given to him by his Creator, The

But unfortunately, alas, he can also use this power, and freedom
to tread another path. The path that leads in a different
direction, one eternal damnation.

So he made a choice.

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