Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Whom do you serve

my name is Oghenero.

I intend to use this medium to briefly discuss something most
important to me... "the worship of God".

Here, I'm not referring to singing and dancing or attending one
religious service or the other, no, but rather, to how we live our
lives daily. You and I. In our interactions with each other; in
what we say, what we do and what we think. These are the
things that really count in the worship of God. Singing, dancing
and church attendance only become relevant when we have the
genuine desire to serve God, and thus constantly live in the
endeavour to do His Will at all times. It is this constant urge to
do the Will of God at every moment that place you as His child
who worships Him in Truth and in Spirit. Church hours of
worship then make meaning, because already you bow down to
God in your your will.

As we go along on this blog, you will always be confronted with
one question. Whom do you really serve?

Now, what you may say in response to this question is not really
so important. In fact, what is more important than what you may
say, is what you actually do. What do I mean by this? Well, let
me put it this way. What I may claim to do, and what I actually
do, may not necessarily be the same thing.

For instance I may claim to serve God, but....If I serve God,
it is His Will I'll do, which can only be good. If on the other
hand, I serve the darkness or the devil or satan or lucifer, it is
his will I'll do instead, which can only be evil.

And what things fall under the category of evil?
Hatred, envy, jealousy, avarice, adultery, fornication, lying,
gossiping, tanishing the image of others and so many other evils.
There are so many, you only need to desire to genuinly serve God
and you'll be clear on what constitutes evil.

So, by implication therefore, you either serve God or you serve 
the darkness, never both. You cannot serve two masters at the 
same time. Your activities show you whom you serve. There is no
scheming in this matter. Good activities; you serve God. Bad
activities; you serve satan. No more no less.

Hence I ask your Spirit,

whom do you serve?

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