Friday, November 20, 2009

Having Sex - Is it Sinful?

Sex in itself it not sin. After all Insects, plants and animals all
have sex. Even micro-organisms reproduce sexually. So why
should sex by man be sin? Every organ in the human body has a
purpose. The sexual organ also has its purpose; Excretion and
Procreation, two vital functions necessary for the health,
wellbeing and propagation of the species. 
With the command “Go ye and multiply”, the importance of such
an organ cannot be over emphasized. However, man is not just
any creature. He is the crown of creation; Lord over everything
that exist here on earth.

That is why in order to eat he doesn’t just pounce on a cow for
instance and start tearing away with his canines. Instead he uses
tools all the way; from the point of killing the animal, through
cooking, right up to eating. He even uses tools to introduce food
into his mouth; what most animals would consider a sheer waste
of time. Again he doesn’t just graze on the fields; rather he uses
massive technology to convert grass through a very long and
tedious process to stuff like bread, cornflakes and spaghetti. And
he’s not done yet. He still has to process these further before
finally eating. What patience!

Now take a look at chicken kingdom. A male looks up and spots a
female. He looks around to make sure there is no stronger male,
then takes off in her direction. She makes a run for it but he finally
catches her. Wham bam and its over. He’s through. Any weaker
male would have to wait until the stronger one wanders off. Or
better still he would have to move to a new territory. But this
doesn’t guarantee that he has sole rights over the hens in his new
territory. Any really strong male can wander into any territory at
any time and zoom in on any hen, and the weaker males would
pretend not to notice.

Now we are not animals, No; we are human spirits, built
with the potential to develop into the likeness of the Image of
God; Spirits with wisdom, dignity, compassion, grace, diligence,
humility and skill, from a home much higher than this earth, a
home more proximate to God, a home that is eternal, a home
called Paradise.

We will eventually make it back home to eternal bliss, but only if
we keep on track. The track shown us by the many guides,
teachers and prophets of old, and also by the Son of God, Jesus
and the Son of Man, Emanuel, the Comforter; the Prince of
Peace. Otherwise we are headed in only one direction; eternal 

That is why we must not engage in behaviours that degrade our
status as human spirits; Behaviours that can only lead us to Hell.
As a help, and out of the grace of The Almighty we were given the
Ten Commandments. Two of these touch on sex.

1.    Thou shalt not commit Adultery.
You shall not disturb the Love, Peace and Harmony of any
couple united in Marriage. You are not allowed, for any selfish
reason, through any form of activity, to cause a separation
between such a couple. This precludes acts of seduction or sexual
intimidation of any member of such a pair. If you happen to fall
in love with any of such a couple, prayerfully look elsewhere. You
will surely find another. Marriages of such nature are blessed and
protected by The Almighty and MUST thus be respected. Couples
not yet married but deeply in love with each other and having the
desire to get married are also protected by God, and must also
be hallowed by all including parents.

2.    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife.
You shall not lust after any woman, married or unmarried. You
may howerver have honourable feeings of love for a woman and
are permitted to woo her. Such feelings are honourable if your
desire is to have her as your wife and not just sex mate, and you
have first of all ascertained that she does not belong to another.
In such a case, and because you genuinely love her, you would
therefore not make unclean demands on her for sex but may
patiently court her and when her love is finally won, may then go
on to solicit for marriage. Untill then you are not permitted to
desire her sexually.

Thus as Human beings and Lords of the Earth; Spirits built in the
likeness of the image of God; having sex is not sinful so long as
two conditions are fulfiled.The first being that there must be love
between the couple concerned. The second, and of  equal
importance being that they are happily married to each other.This
is the Will of God for mankind and separates them from the
animals. Anything outside this drops them below the status of
human beings and places them on the same level as animals,
sometimes even beneath the animals and would thus be a
transgression of the Laws of The Almighty God. Such
transgressions cannot go without grave consequences.

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