Friday, November 20, 2009

Can there be a Heaven on Earth ?

Yes there can be a heaven on earth, just as there can also be a 

Hell on earth.Everything needed by the earth for its growth and 
development was put into it by God and human beings inhabiting 
it are created or born with the abilities necessary for harnessing 
its abundant resources.

In other words we have been given the power to rule over all that 

exists on earth by God. This is a great responsibility.
It is therefore in the hands of man to shape the conditions in 

which he lives on earth. He can shape these conditions into a 
“Heaven on Earth” or a “Hell on Earth”; it is for him to decide 
and this decision is reflected in his activities. Right now however, 
judging from the activities of the majority, man has chosen to 
create Hell. 

In the Lord’s Prayer, the “Our Father”, a vow is made to God, 

for “His Will to be done on earth as it is done in Heaven”, a 
declaration which is also made by members of some other major 
religions on Earth. If man had honoured this promise to keep the 
Will of God in his daily activities, the World would have been a 
much healthier place; a place where love abounds. All he had to 
do was to live in love, peace and harmony with the people with 
whom he interacts daily. It is not so difficult.

Yet he failed. He became a slave to sin, loving himself only and 

carrying out every request of the tempter. He thus spread Evil 
and eventually created an empire of Darknessa hell on earth.

But it is possible to have a Heaven on Earth; a world free of all 

the earthly vices; free of jealousy, envy, lust, hatred, avarice,
covetousness,  laziness, gossip, suspicion and so many other 
earthly evils.

Man can bring about this. He has the power, but he must use it 

rightly; he must work on himself. There is no other way. When 
in each one there is true love for others and no desire to harm 
them; not in his thoughts, words, or actions, then the vices 
would die naturally and evil would cease. Then the kind of life 
experienced in Heaven would have its semblance here on earth.

But if on the other there exist in each one such desires as can 

only cause harm to others, evil would always abound and rather 
than having a Heaven on earth, we would have a Hell on earth 

Man must bear one thing in mind: If his activity is indicative of 

a contributor to Hell on Earth, then he cannot be headed 
anywhere else after his death but to that region whose life he 
had copied while on Earth…HELL. If he cannot adapt to a life 
Willed by God, a life in harmony with that in Heaven; if he cannot 
adjust his being to a heaven on earth, then all that awaits him is 
Eternal Damnation and not Eternal bliss in Heaven. But he 
cannot cease to exist. He is Immortal and must therefore continue 
to exist somewhere.

Out of the Grace of the Almighty, You have been given the power 

to choose; the "freedom of choice". Heaven beckons on you and 
you are given all the help you need to stride back Home to it. But 
you must decide to stride on the path leading towards it. It is 
your choice.

Make Haste.
The time is shorter than you think.

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